The Vintage Milk House

Intentionally RePurposed

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Mother's Day Adoption Series

This is the story of my adoption and how I left one Mother to join a FAMILY. 20 years later, that incredible family sought out that one Mother so that they could all join in giving me away to my incredible Husband. That day was May 8th, 2005. Not only was that particular day 20 years later to the date, but it also happened to be, MOTHER'S DAY.

Manic {Mommy} Moments

Moments in Mommy Hood: You know, those times we catch ourselves and wonder how in the world we got here! Those things that you say to your children that you never in your life imagined you would have to say as a Mother. The things that we find in places they shouldn't be or even the things we do as Mommies to just to get our children to follow directions. Lets face it, most of the time afterwards when we look back they are pretty funny. Maybe not in the moment and maybe not to you, but they are FUNNY!

Kid Friendly

TVMH is full of TONS of great ideas for kids. From parenting tips to kid friendly recipes to incredible projects and play ideas for your little ones. - Am I an expert? No. But I do have LOTS of experience!!!

This is a place where I find myself by intentionally repurposing things in life that need some "dusting off". Sometimes it's through my children, cooking, other times a DIY project, but ultimately it's always through WRITING about it all. Stop & Stay awhile. :) - K. Drane